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Massaga foot massage chair is a massage and foot care device that many users choose because of the great uses it brings, helps to dispel the aches and pains, bring about effective relaxation.
Besides the most obvious benefit of dispelling muscle aches due to bearing the weight of the body throughout the day, foot massage chairs have many other uses.
For high-class foot massage chairs, there will be a separate knee section, which helps to recover the knee pain from excessive exercise or playing sports. Besides, it also helps a lot for the elderly who have joint problems.

According to acupressure, the periods in the legs are directly related to the brain, can improve the quality of sleep, if using a proper foot massage chair will help users get a good night's sleep. , better memory. In addition, massage chairs also have a great use is to support the digestive system, very effective in solving flatulence and indigestion.

In addition, massage chairs are also very helpful for women who wear high heels, by the effect of airbags and rollers, so that the heel is no longer tired or aches and pains due to wearing shoes all day.
For women with menstrual disorders, or sickness if using a foot massage chair in moderation, science will help dispel these symptoms.

In summary, foot massage chair will be an indispensable companion in daily life with great uses thanks to the application of modern massage technology, combining advanced massage therapies such as the hand itself. People help you always have healthy legs, a healthy health.

Insomnia greatly affects work and life, creating a biological imbalance, fatigue, reducing work productivity, let's also Okasa find a solution to overcome this situation.

According to a study published in the journal JAMA Neurology, people who do not have good sleep or insomnia are considered signs of Alzheimer's disease (dementia in the elderly), in addition, insomnia also affects. A lot of things come to the psychology of the sick, making them nervous, easily angry and distracting.
The fact proves that insomnia occurs when you are too stressed, anxious, and tired for a long time, these problems can be solved through massage methods that help you relax, regenerate energy, effective psychological balance.

Okasa body massage chair comes with many automatic massge programs based on 4D rollers and modern airbag systems, simulating real movements like human hands, these massage exercises are very useful. Good for health, creating a deep, pleasant feeling to help users eliminate stress, get better sleep.

In addition, the massage will help the muscles relax, positively impact the blood pressure, help better blood circulation, functions such as reflexology, heating the buttocks, hips also positively affect user's health.

In summary, to improve sleep, it is necessary to have a moderate activity, away from stress, fatigue, maximum relaxation mind, massage chairs will be an appropriate solution to help you do this.
Sitting at the computer continuously will cause bad effects on health, because the characteristic of working in the office is to sit a lot so common diseases such as scoliosis of neck, neck and shoulder pain, back pain are impossible. avoid.
Research by health experts in the world has revealed that office diseases caused by sitting at the computer front are more dangerous than smoking every day, because it can cause many other diseases. each other at the same time, causing serious health impairment if not paid attention, timely treatment.

The recommended solution is to exercise at least 2 times in 4 hours of each working session, get up and walk around the desk area, drag down the stairs. In particular, if you want to combat these diseases quickly, users can use intensive massage therapies to help relieve back pain, enhance blood circulation to the area, reduce stress and increase efficiency. , improve productivity.
The body massage products with advanced massage functions such as Hong Kong massage, Chinese massage, Thai massage, American massage help you easily choose the appropriate massage mode to ease the aches and pains. The massage movements are simulated as real human hands will bring comfort at the highest level for you.

Massage methods such as kneading, knocking, punching, shiatsu, rolling, combined help to dispel fatigue, stretch the body, joints, adjust the physique, improve the standing posture. These therapies are essential for people who are tired, lack of energy when sitting for long periods of time.

Take care more carefully for your health before being affected by office disease, everyone, a full body massage chair is a simple, effective but extremely great effect.
Having to sit continuously working for a long time is a common situation for "office block" and the elderly are less likely to walk. Too much sitting will lead to a lot of dangerous diseases of the back, spine, shoulders, legs and even degenerative vertebra, .. this directly affects health, work efficiency and quality. your life is reduced, so how to deal with the illness caused by sitting too much?

The negative health effects of sitting are more serious than you think, the places that suffer directly are the back, shoulders, spine ... However, due to the busy life, many owners Unconcerned attention leads to increasing sitting diseases.

So what are the dangers of sitting too much for your health?

Abdominal obesity: When you sit a lot of body inactivity reduces the process of burning calories, the amount of fat accumulating in the body increases making you more prone to abdominal obesity and the risk of obesity increases accordingly.
Musculoskeletal problems: This is not just a disease of the elderly, it is caused by sitting quite a lot of pressure on the hips and spine, causing the muscles in the back and neck to stretch causing serious pain. weight on the back, neck and shoulders.
Spinal degeneration: A lot of sitting will directly affect the spine by sitting in the wrong position, putting pressure on the spine. Spinal degeneration is very dangerous, it causes you frequent back pain and more seriously it can make you unable to walk.
Diabetes: When you sit continuously for more than 8 hours, it will significantly affect pancreatic activity, causing insulin hormone in the blood to rise so easily leading to diabetes.
Sitting more often makes the mind less flexible, the spirit is always stressful to reduce work performance.
These health problems don't come abruptly, but rather they make us subjective, until it is too late for health effects. It is often said that "prevention is better than cure", so before they come to us, please equip yourself with a health bag to prevent possible harm.

Regular physical exercise is the best way to prevent harm from sitting up. Physical exercises such as walking, jogging, aerobic exercise ... all bring positive benefits to health. In addition, massage chairs are also an effective aid to "rescue" you from the harmful effects that cause more sitting.
Suggest a massage chair for people who sit a lot

The effect of massage chairs is more magical than we think. Massage chairs have the ability to quickly support bone and joint problems, making the body more flexible. Correct the posture of the spine and muscle groups while sitting down to reduce the illness caused by sitting too much or sitting in the wrong position.

Suggest functions on massage chairs that are suitable for people who sit a lot, helping us to fight the "influence" of the many sitting causes.

▪ For those who sit a lot, the choice of SL-Track frame massage chairs is very suitable, because the long frame combined with the 3D roller system rotates the massage along the spine to the buttocks, making it easy to feel. bear, help dispel aches and pains - enhance blood circulation, speed up the recovery of injured muscle areas. Support the treatment of thigh pain for people who sit for a long time.
Okasa 368, 468,568 massage chairs are all SL-Track frame chairs

▪ When you are tired of your hands and feet due to a lot of sitting, modern airbag combination on massage chair will fully embrace the muscles - joints perfectly for a smooth massage, along with infrared heat to help increase blood circulation. Accelerate the metabolism of cells, reduce pain, numbness of hands and feet when sitting for long periods.

▪ In order to improve the symptoms of sitting fatigue caused by modern sitting, the modern 3D sensor roller system is very suitable for reducing aches and pains of the tendon, especially with the ability to use intensive acupressure to help circulation. blood, when the rollers hit hard and directly to the points on the body to help overcome many diseases in the continental covered organs.

▪ When working, invisible, makes the body always tired, creates pressure on the spine. So the zero gravity massage mode will bring you to the most optimal lying angle, reduce the pressure on the spine to the lowest level, very suitable for relaxing the spine after a hard working day, you will Feel extremely comfortable and comfortable after massage in this mode.
▪ Sitting a lot not only causes diseases of the spine and joints, many studies say that sitting too much makes the nervous system more stressful, the massage chair integrated with modern sound system will help maximum relaxation for the system. nerves, dispel stress, bring the body back to equilibrium fastest.

With the undisputed uses, it can be affirmed that the use of massage chairs very well helps improve health especially for those who sit a lot, the chair is like a "therapist" always beside you everyday.

Zero Gravity massage technology is an expensive application developed by NASA (US Aerospace Agency). Over the decades, Zero Gravity technology has been studied and applied in the fields of healthcare and healthcare. Especially in the process of improving the new generation massage chair, which resonates greatly with the great benefits that it brings to users. Accordingly, zero gravity massage chairs are capable of creating a 130 to 135 degree angle between the abdomen and thighs thereby significantly reducing the gravity acting on the spine and body.
When choosing zero gravity mode on the console, the massage chair will slowly recline, the back of the chair and legs form an angle with the foot slightly higher than the head, upper body in a lying position, completely relaxed. At the same time, the airbag system fitted along the seat body will hug and lift your body up, giving you a relaxed feeling to minimize stress and stress effectively.

The current Okasa high-end massage chairs are equipped with Zero Gravity zero gravity technology combined with the roller system and air bags running along the seats to bring the best relaxing and therapeutic effect. The great benefits that gravity-free massage technology gives us:

Enhances blood circulation
In zero gravity position, your legs and knee joints are lifted higher than your body. From there the heart is pumped more easily and thanks to the increased circulation from which the amount of oxygen in the blood is significantly increased.
Reduce pressure on the spine
In the lying position, the compressive strength between the vertebrae will also be greatly reduced, combined with massage, pressure point will help you feel refreshed and painless.

Improve respiratory system
At zero gravity the pressure on the diaphragm is also greatly reduced and creates more space for the lungs to fully expand, while helping to provide more oxygen in the blood.

In addition to the above benefits, zero gravity massage chair also helps reduce muscle tension, relax the neck vertebra, enhance blood circulation in the legs thereby reducing swelling and preventing varicose veins.
For every person, sleep is very important, it helps the body recover the energy consumed after a long day. For those who suffer from sleeplessness, bad sleep, not deep sleep, surely will spend a lot of time to find out how to overcome the situation. Okasa would like to introduce the type of massage chair product to help improve sleep, not only that but also helps users reduce stress, relax the body ...
Okasa massage chairs are increasingly popular and widely used for their convenience and immediate effectiveness. This is an effective complementary product for improving bone and joint problems, especially for those who have trouble sleeping, Okasa massage chair will prove effective when used regularly. With the structure of hidden rollers, moving smoothly, smoothly, sliding along to heat up the back and then continue to the hips, waist, buttocks, spine, waist ... Combine massage of shoulder blades, calf arms feet, reflexology on the soles of the feet ... In addition to the full body massage chair, there are other advantages and functions such as:
- Airbag system: distributes air bags in the arms, legs, hips and shoulders to release muscles to contract, circulate blood, helping the body recover after use.

- Modern design, eye-catching design, high durability, synthetic leather: creating durability for the product.

- The soft, thick layer of mattress helps users feel comfortable and comfortable when sitting.

- Thermal function: heating the back, legs, buttocks helps to accelerate metabolism and blood circulation ..

Regular and regular use of a body massage chair before going to sleep, will give you comfort, relieve stress, regulate body temperature, help the body relax maximum before you fall asleep.
For a long time, physiological health has always been a rather delicate problem for men, men have always had a headache to find a cure for physiological disorders if unfortunately caught. However, with full body massage chair, this problem can be improved.
To understand why massage chairs can improve the physiological health of men, find out what is the cause of these disorders. According to studies and conclusions from leading experts in this field, in addition to the factor of hormone deficiency of testosterone or cardiovascular problems, ..., psychology is one of the leading causes. Physiological effect in men.

Besides, the constant anxiety, pressure from work, life and adult family is also very harmful to physiological health.

So why use a full body massage chair, it can improve physiological problems in men. The answer is that the inner impact of massage therapies helps users to have a better state and a better spirit. This is far more significant than immediate stimulant or support drugs.
You only need to pay attention to diet, exercise and scientific rest, and combine the use of therapies from the body massage chair to get results. Certainly, when the mind is at ease, the psychological factors will slowly be relieved, so that you can easily sublimate, have fun and be happier in your sex life.

On the market today, Okasa full body massage chair is a product that is interested and widely used by consumers, if you are in need of massage chair, please call the hotline 1800 6862 for advice. carefully before buying.

Nowadays, Korean massage chairs are known by many consumers and receive much appreciation from consumers. It can be said that the body massage chair offers a lot of benefits for human health that can help you relax at your home without having to go to the spa.
Let's take a look at the benefits of a full body massage chair. You can quickly follow the article by clicking on the links below:
1. Use of body massage chair
a / Effects on the whole body
The back massage chair is designed with a lot of motor massage all over the seat to massage all over the body, this can help you to reduce the aching areas of the body after being under a lot of work pressure all day.

Massage chairs have an effect on the whole body

In addition to being able to soothe the whole body, this machine also improves the digestive system and blood circulation, helps blood circulation well, ruddy complexion.
b / Effects on muscles
Even if you do a little office work, you can easily get tired because for office work, you have to sit for many hours continuously and sometimes you have to travel so if you have to do it every day Without taking the time to massage your body, your muscles will get tired and lead to soreness. And massage chair will help you massage in the areas of sore muscles. In addition, if you use a back massage regularly, you will reduce the symptoms such as edema, muscle atrophy, .... and help your body accumulate glycogen. Besides massage chairs, the product massage body also gives you equally benefits.

c / Effects on the nervous system
During the time you use Japanese massage chair, your nervous system will get better reflexes or if you often have headaches, massage chair will be a great therapy for you. Back massage pads can have a strong impact on the brain from which all the actions of the internal organs will be greatly improved.
Massage chair cheap

Massage chairs affect not only the muscles but also the mind. Regular full body massage means stress is hard to appear. Symptoms of anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping or poor sleep will gradually disappear.

When the spirit relaxes, the spirit cords go up high to help the body work and work more effectively.

d / Effects on tendons - joints
Massage chairs act on the muscles, tendons, ligaments and skeletal systems so that the state of muscle tension as well as joint fatigue due to the process of overtraining or sitting / studying incorrectly posture, injury.
Luxury massage chairs can make your tendons and joints more relaxed without cramping and aching from overwork. When relaxing with a chair, your ligaments and tendons will be stretched and the blood will be better circulated to avoid symptoms such as cramps, numbness, leg pain, etc. Help you not swollen joints or aches.

e / Effects on the circulatory system
Massage chairs will help your circulatory system to circulate blood in the heart better so that you will avoid heart diseases.

f / Effects on the immune system
Blood circulation, increased body circulation thanks to the support of oxygen and nutrients to tissues, muscles and cells is the second benefit that the full body automatic massage chair brings.

So blood pressure is cleared and the toxin removal process goes faster so that the immune system is strengthened.
g / Effects on the digestive system
The digestive system is also one of the many better performing body parts thanks to a full body massage when blood and stress - the cause of the stagnation and degradation of the digestive system disappear.

h / Effects on the skin
Benefits that surprised many people of the massage chair is to restore and enhance the beauty of the skin.

Removing dead cells, replenishing moisture, encouraging tissue regeneration and minimizing the risk of scarring and stretch marks are convincing evidence that full body massage brings to the skin beauty. .

2. How do massage chairs work?
Full body massage chair is equipped with modern roller and bag system. Consists of 7 main parts: head airbag, hand airbag, back and side airbag, calf airbag, shoulder airbag, butt and hip airbag, foot cast iron roller. 34 airbags are spread widely throughout the massage chair, making the user feel and massage as effective as a professional massage therapist does.
3. Famous Japanese massage chairs
If you do not know what type of body massage chair to buy, here are 2 types of chairs that many consumers choose